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Friday, July 25, 2008

Fox "News" In Denial and organized a petition drive against Fox News Channel's racially tinted commentary on apparent Democratic Party Presidential Candidate Barack Obama. First it was the 'fist bump' between himself and his wife Michelle supposedly being a "terrorist fist jab". Then it was Michelle Obama being referred to as Barack's "baby mama". So, organized the following petition campaign directed to NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN and other media outlets:

"FOX is a Republican mouthpiece, not a legitimate news organization. Real news organizations must reject FOX's smears of Barack Obama, not parrot them and distract Americans from the pressing issues of the day."

What did Fox do on 23 July when 620,127 signatures on the petition was delivered to their offices in New York City, accompanied by the rapper Nas? They refused to accept them! I guess sometimes the truth hurts.

News of Fox's refusal hit Rolling Stone, Billboard Magazine and MTV news sources, but not Fox, which chose not to report the incident. Steven Colbert on Comedy Central's ''The Colbert Report'' invited Nas on his show and brought the petitions. You can see the video here. It includes Nas performing his track "Sly Fox" which tears the "fair and balanced" network a new one.

Want to know more about Fox News Channel and its notorious bias? Visit Fox Attacks. They watch Fox... so you don't have to.

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