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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fox News' Bill O'Reilly exposed as a liar by CNN's Rick Sanchez

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From Friday, 5 June 2009:

It’s always great to see someone in the main stream media call Bill O’Reilly out on his lies, especially when it’s an absurd lie and there is absolute irrefutable proof. Take Bill O’Reilly’s comments about CNN not covering the Army recruiting center attack until Anderson Cooper featured it. O’Reilly had the audacity to state that CNN didn’t think of the tragedy as news and failed to report on it all day.

Rick Sanchez proceeded to play a montage showing CNN anchors and reporters discussing the incident all day.

“Let’s see, that was Kyra Phillips, Tony Harris, Heidi Collins, Lou Dobbs, certainly you saw myself, you just saw David Mattingly there, Wolf Blitzer, we saw Kiran Chetry, we saw Erica Hill — that’s nobody?” Sanchez asked.

“Let’s add this up together now,” Sanchez said. “We led with the story when it broke. We led with it again the next day. We analyzed the terrorism angle with experts and called former FBI agents to take us through it. And as a network, we covered the story umpteen times throughout the days, throughout all hours of those days. But Bill O’Reilly says he only saw it once. And since he only saw it once, well then that must be the truth. It doesn’t matter what really happened. It doesn’t matter what the record shows. All that matters is what Bill thinks he saw. We called Fox today, by the way. No response yet.”

The only thing Bill O’Reilly was correct about was calling CNN a “news channel.”