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Friday, September 18, 2009

Now Fox Spins Lies In Print!

The Funhouse News Channel has decided to cast its web of lies in the Washington Post.

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"Rick Sanchez of CNN is tired of Fox News and their lies and he isn’t afraid to call them out on it. The fight is centered on the Tea Party Express and a new claim that Fox News has made stating that other news channels didn’t cover the event. In fact, this morning, Fox News unveiled a full page ad in the Washington Post that claimed ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and CNN missed the story of the Tea Party Express; the protest that took place on September 12, 2009.

Many people can testify that they witnessed their local media networks cover the event, as well as those who know that they saw the coverage aired on all of the networks mentioned. The claim is preposterous and shows that the divide between Fox and other news media outlets is less likely to ever be bridged."

You can read the full article here (Courtesy of

You can see Rick Sanchez's video here:

You also may be interested in another video of the rally where someone, presumed to be a Fox News producer, is caught coaching the audience (The woman in the green shirt standing next to the camera operator).

Friday, September 11, 2009

Two German Cargo Ships Sail Arctic Passage (Without Icebreakers!)

Gee! What happened to all that ice?

Two German merchant ships have traversed the fabled Northeast Passage after global warming and melting ice opened a route from South Korea along Russia's Arctic coast to Siberia.

Now the German-owned ships are poised to complete their journey through the cold waters where icebergs abound, heading for Rotterdamin the Netherlands with 3,500 tons of construction parts.

The merchant ships MV Beluga Fraternity and MV Beluga Foresight arrived this week in Yamburg, Siberia, their owner Beluga Shipping GmbH said Friday. They traveled from Ulsan, South Korea, in late July to Siberia by way of the Northeast Passage, a sea lane that, in years past, was avoided because of its heavy ice floes.

Scientists report that the Arctic Ocean ice cap has been shrinking to unprecedented levels in recent summers, because of global warming, opening up many passages that were ice-choked in earlier times.

In July, new NASA satellite measurements showed that sea ice in the Arctic was not just shrinking in area, but thinning dramatically.

Niels Stolberg, the president of Beluga, which is based in the German city of Bremen, called it the first time a Western shipping company successfully transited the Northeast Passage.

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Or better still, watch this video by 2 The Ranting Gryphon: