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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Climate Change Denial In Action

Okay, you have to read the individual articles about this.

First, Britian's "Met Office" (or "Meteorological Office"), which handles weather reports for the country, issued a news release about Climate Change, stating "Decline in solar output unlikely to offset global warming".

Then, the British paper The Guardian ran their own report on the news release, entitled "Sun's changes unlikely to slow global warming, scientists say".

Then, the Daily Mail, a paper with a noted conservative bias, spun the whole story around, with the title "Forget global warming - it's Cycle 25 we need to worry about (and if NASA scientists are right the Thames will be freezing over again".

In a rare act of bravery, the Met Office brought the Daily Mail to task with their rebuttal:

"Today the Mail on Sunday published a story written by David Rose entitled “Forget global warming – it’s Cycle 25 we need to worry about”.

This article includes numerous errors in the reporting of published peer reviewed science undertaken by the Met Office Hadley Centre and for Mr. Rose to suggest that the latest global temperatures available show no warming in the last 15 years is entirely misleading.

Despite the Met Office having spoken to David Rose ahead of the publication of the story, he has chosen to not fully include the answers we gave him to questions around decadal projections produced by the Met Office or his belief that we have seen no warming since 1997."

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