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Friday, May 22, 2009

Glenn Beck, the "lying sack of dog mess"

In case you haven't seen or heard this, Fox News Channel's Glenn Beck had his butt handed to him by the ladies of the TV show "The View". This is just too good not to share...

The full article can be read at Newshounds.

The clip from "The View" is here:

For what it's worth, Beck's rebuttal, on Fox News Channel, is here:

1 comment:

Shimmy said...

Seriously, why am I supposed to feel sorry for Glenn Beck? He spent 19 months in prison for torturing and killing all those dogs (Pit Bulls). While he was in prison, Pravda signed him to a contract for a television show. Some prisoners don't even have television viewing privileges, but Glenn Beck was given his own television show while he was incarcerated. So why am I supposed to feel bad for him?