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Friday, December 26, 2008

Debugging the DDT Lies

According to conservatives, the worldwide de facto ban on the insecticide DDT has been responsible for more deaths than Hitler, and we have Rachel Carlson and her environmentalist ilk to blame.

A few facts are in order:

1. There is no de facto ban.
2. Trade bans for using DDT are not threatened.
3. Reinstating DDT in South Africa did not cause a 95% decrease in deaths.
4. The environmentalists’ ban on the agricultural use of DDT saved lives.
5. Mosquitoes have begun to be immune to DDT.

You can read the detailed info in Tim Lambert's blog .

By the way, the biggest proponent of this mistruth is Roy Spencer, a global warming skeptic and a creationist (perhaps why doesn't realize that mosquitoes "evolve" a resistance to DDT, no?).

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